Item Analysis Error

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Issue: When running an Item Analysis for a particular test, users receive an error (email stating what the error is) similar to the following:

at blackboard.itemanalysis.service.impl.ItemAnalysisStatsHelper.genAssessmentQuestionIds(
at blackboard.itemanalysis.service.impl.ItemAnalysisStatsHelper.computeSummaryStats(
at blackboard.itemanalysis.service.impl.ItemAnalysisManagerImpl.generateStats(

The error seen here is a known issue in Blackboard for having a question in an Assessment worth 0 points.

How to Replicate the Issue:

1. Create test.

2. Create three test questions; the last question must be worth zero points.

3. Deploy test in the content area.

4. Allow a student to take the test (possibly user your faculty student (fs_) account to take the test yourself).

5. Run the Item Analysis.

Expected Result:
The Item Analysis report runs.
Observed Result:
The error is displayed:  Status: Error generating Item Analysis. You will receive an email with the detailed error logs.