Unable to Print Certificates as Instructor

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Issue Description: Power users who have not earned an Achievement cannot print the Achievement or view the earned certificate.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Login as Administrator
  2. Create a Course
  3. Create a Content Item
  4. Click Control Panel > Go to Course Tools > Achievements
  5. Click Create Achievement> Certificate of Completion
  6. Create a Trigger based on the review status of the added content item
  7. Enroll a Student
  8. As the Student, earn the Achievement
  9. Login as the Instructor or Admin
  10. Access the Course
  11. Click Control Panel > Course Tools> Achievements
  12. Click Recipients
  13. Click on the Student's name
  14. Click Print Certificate
Expected Behavior:
The power user(instructor, admin), is able to view and print the certificate.
Observed Behavior:
The button creates a pop-up of the User's main tab Group.  The power user(instructor, admin), is not able to view or print the certificate.

Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No