Users with Disabled Enrollments Receive Manager Role in Discussion Board Forums

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Issue Description: If a User Enrollment is Disabled in a Course, they are given the Manager Role for the Course Discussion Forums. This is reverted if the Enrollment is re-Enabled.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn as an Administrator
  2. Access any test Course
  3. Create a test User and Enroll the User in the Course as a Student
  4. Create a Discussion Forum in Course
  5. Log out as Administrator, Log in as the test User
  6. Create a Thread in the Forum
  7. Log out as the test User, Log in as Administrator
  8. Use SIS to Disable the Enrollment
  9. View the Thread created in step 6

Expected Behavior:
The Student Thread shows the User with the Participant Role

Observed Behavior:
The Student Thread shows the User with the Manager Role
Best Practice Info: The Manager Role is only assigned to the Student while the Enrollment is Disabled; if the Enrollment is re-Enabled, the Student's Discussion Board Role will revert to Participant.
Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No