Adding an Instructor to Another Instructor’s Bb Course Procedure

Procedure Statement and Purpose:
Only under special circumstances will a Blackboard administrator add an instructor to someone else’s course.

If the instructor who set up the course is still employed at the Virginia Commonwealth University, the person that needs to be added should contact that instructor and ask to be enrolled in the course.

If the instructor is no longer available (deceased, no longer employed with the University, or cannot be located), then the Dean of the School (i.e., the dean of the School of Nursing) or equivalent can request another instructor be added to a Blackboard course. Please see the Intellectual Properties Policy in regards to content that resides in a course and ownership of that content. The Dean, not Blackboard Administrators, assumes the responsibility for enrollment of an instructor in a course.

Within the request, it must specify the eID of the user(s) being enrolled, what Course ID (i.e., MISC-101-001-2016Continuous) the user(s) needs to be enrolled in and what role they should be given (i.e., Instructor, Student, TA, etc.)

Who Should Read this Procedure?
Faculty/Instructor users of the Blackboard system

Support Contacts:

The first step, when possible, it is always preferred that the instructor who is the owner of the Blackboard course manually add the additional instructor(s) to the course themselves. See Manually Enroll a User in a Course for instructions.

If the request is for a course with an instructor who is no longer available (i.e., deceased, left the university, in the hospital, left the country, etc.), the request must come from the Dean of the School where the instructor was located. An email should be sent to with this request. The email should include an official request to enroll a user as an instructor, the user's eID, and the entire course ID of the course they need to be enrolled. If possible, the instructor whose course this belongs to should be copied on this email as well so that they are aware of what is happening. If deemed necessary, a member of the Learning Systems staff will contact the Dean via phone and/or email to verify that he/she is taking responsibility for the addition of an instructor to the course. Once verified, the Blackboard administrator will then make the change.

This article was updated: 06/21/2018