Blackboard Course Deletion Procedure

**Note: When a Blackboard course is deleted it cannot be retrieved.**

Procedure Statement and Purpose: The deletion of a Blackboard course can only be performed by a Blackboard administrator. For this reason, it is preferred that faculty "hide" old courses.

Courses are typically only deleted if they are created in error or created by the wrong instructor.

See the Blackboard Course Retention and Removal Procedure for criteria and processes involved in course removal from the Blackboard system. Blackboard courses are kept on the production system for two years and are archived for the prior three years.

Who Should Read this Procedure?
Faculty/Instructor users of the Blackboard system

Support Contacts

Preferably, the instructor of the course should “hide” the course and let the archiving process remove it automatically from the system - Hide a Course from the My Courses View

If the course was created in error (i.e. wrong course ID, wrong instructor, meant to copy and not create the course) and needs to be removed, contact the IT Support Center to open a ticket. The request should include the entire Course ID, the title of the course being removed, and the contact information of the person requesting the deletion. A Blackboard administrator from the Learning Systems group will contact the requester to confirm that (1) you made the request and that (s) the correct course was provided.

If there is more than one instructor on a Blackboard course, each one must agree to its deletion. It is the responsibility of the instructor requesting the deletion to obtain all the instructors' permission before requesting that a course is deleted. 

If this request is entered by someone who is not listed as the instructor on the course, the course will not be deleted.

This article was updated: 12/8/2017