Blackboard Organizations for Students Procedure

Procedure Statement and Purpose:

This procedure explains how students can request that a Blackboard organization be created.

Who Should Read this Procedure?

All students and faculty members should be familiar with this procedure.

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Blackboard Organization - An online meeting place for different organizations within the VCU community that would like a space for information sharing, collaboration, and communication. Organization members can view information about the organization posted by the organization’s faculty sponsor or delegates, such as Announcements, Calendar events, Discussion Boards, and Rosters. The Organizations function the same way as a Course, except the leaders must manually add users to an organization and they do not become inactive at the end of each semester.


Technology Services requires that student Blackboard (Bb) Organizations be set up under the ownership of a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor will be responsible for the approval of Bb organization content and make sure inappropriate information is not being shared.

The faculty sponsor has two management options for Bb Organizations. The faculty sponsor may choose to control membership and content or the faculty sponsor may choose to delegate membership and content control to a member of the Bb Organization. In doing this, the faculty sponsor remains responsible for oversight of membership and said content. The faculty sponsor is required to request the creation of a Bb Organization and may do so by contacting the IT Support Center at 828-2227. The faculty sponsor must train the delegated member or send the member to a Bb user class offered by TS before the Bb Organization is created.

This article was updated: 12/4/2017