Blackboard Special Request Procedure

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Procedure Statement and Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure adequate time and resources can be allocated for special requests, so the end-result is a success for all users of the system.

Special requests are those that extend beyond the usual maintenance and support that Learning Systems provides on a daily basis. Examples: unique enrollment processing or another transmission of data, consulting on the use of course tools, complex grade center usage, review of course or quiz functionality, etc.

Who Should Read this Procedure?

All users of the Blackboard system.

To submit a special request, the Blackboard user should enter a service desk ticket via one of the methods listed below. This must be submitted at least 15 working days before the date the request needs to be completed.  The request must be reviewed and approved by the Manager of Learning Systems.  Once approved, the requester will be notified, and scheduling of work can begin. If your request cannot be accommodated, you will be contacted with an explanation and alternative options may be suggested.

Support Contacts