Blackboard User Removal/Cleanup Procedure


The purpose of this procedure is to maintain system efficiency and integrity.


Blackboard user accounts that have not been accessed within two years will be set to unavailable.   One year after an account has been set to unavailable the user account will be deleted. Any Bb Content System files and Learning Management System files associated with the user will be deleted.  If the user is enrolled in a course or organization, they will not be deleted until the course is archived (see Blackboard Course Retention and Removal Procedure) or the organization has been deleted.

Who Should Read this Procedure

Faculty, Staff and Student users of the Blackboard Learning Management System and Content Management System should read this procedure.

Support Contacts


An automated process will run daily that will flag user accounts as unavailable that have not logged in to the Blackboard (Bb) System within the past two years and are not enrolled in a Bb course or Bb organization. User accounts that are flagged as unavailable will be deleted from the system one year from the date they are set to unavailable. The delete process will delete any Bb Learning Management System files and Bb Content System file in the My Content directory associated with the user account being deleted.

It is the user’s responsibility to maintain a copy of their Bb Learning Management System files and Bb Content System My Content files directory (example of places to keep data; personal computer, external hard drives,, flash drive).

This article was updated: 04/20/2017