Faculty Course Restore Request Procedure

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Course Restores for five or more courses

 Requests for five or more course restorations (per faculty) in a single semester, must be requested by the Dean or equivalent.

ServiceDesk Case requirements

  • A request must include a description of why the courses need to be restored.
  • A request must include complete course ID for each course that needs to be restored. (i.e. MISC-101-001-2017Spring) - the CRN, course title or instructor name will not be accepted.
  • The person requesting the restore must be listed as the instructor on the course.
  • A request will be updated with the appropriate approval as supplemental information.

Once the above requirements are met, someone from the Learning Systems team will contact the instructor to discuss the request and needs. Further investigation will be completed by Learning Systems to ensure that the requested courses are still available to be restored.

The VCU Blackboard Team archives courses throughout the year based on defined procedures and guidelines. Due to the time and resources involved in course recovery and restoration, the process could take a few weeks. The faculty is encouraged to archive their Blackboard courses at any time, which will help expedite the restoration process. Faculty archiving instructions are located in our askIT Knowledge Base.