Procedure for Implementing Blackboard Content Campus-wide

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Procedure Statement and Purpose:

Blackboard courses or organizations used to deploy information, training, certifications, and tests campus-wide (i.e. all employees) could negatively impact system performance, user experience, and support.  The purpose of this procedure is to proactively work with the course/org owner to review options, ensure functionality, minimize performance issues and allocate resources for supporting these initiatives.

Who Should Read this Procedure?

Faculty and Staff users of the Blackboard system.


All Faculty or staff should submit an IT Support Center request at least 30 days prior to the roll-out of any course or organization content that is targeted towards all employees of the university. The Learning Systems Manager must review and approve the request. It will then be assigned to a member of the Learning Systems team for technical review and follow-up with the requester.  Learning Systems will strive to accommodate the request and deadline provided, however due to critical semester dates and workload, the deadline may need to be adjusted.

Support Contacts