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Classroom Clickers

Turning Technologies classroom clickers are an in-class assessment tool that allows the professor to both receive and provide instant feedback on the effectiveness of their teaching or the extent to which students are learning. The technology consists of USB-based radio-frequency receivers, hand-held remote devices that send a signal to the receivers, and software. The software is free and is pre-installed on the receivers. While instructors can pick up a free instructor's set which includes a USB-Reciever, a QT2 clicker, and a presenterCard, students will have to purchase their own clicker device to participate in the course. They can be purchased directly from Turning Technologies on their website (this requires an account to be created on Turning Technologies website) or can be purchased from the Barnes & Noble on campus.  The free instructor's kit may be picked up at the VCU IT Support Center(ITSC) locations.
The VCU Monroe Park campus has standardized on Turning Technologies ResponseCard QT classroom clickers, while the QT model is the latest model, the older NXT will still work in your classroom.


Turning Technologies has released an update for the USB receiver used by faculty to collect responses. Faculty MUST update their receiver for Turning to work properly on the latest version of Powerpoint. To update your receiver please go to an ITSC location to pick up a new receiver. This new update will also require faculty and students to register an account with Turning Technologies (There is a Blackboard integration for easier account creation for both). For any questions, please submit a ServiceDesk ticket and request clicker support under Academic Technologies. One of our Turning Technologies specialists will contact you.


If you are faculty and need help setting up your device click here. Or call the VCU IT Support Center at 828-2227 or email