Auxiliary Connections

All classroom podiums provide auxiliary connections so instructors and students can bring in alternative devices such as laptops or other mobile devices to connect to the podium system.  If an instructor is planning to bring an external device to class, please ensure the device has one of the connections below.  If the device does not have these connections, please consider purchasing the necessary adapter.

Digital Input

Most centrally scheduled VCU classrooms have been standardized on the HDMI connection to transport digital signals into podium systems.  If a device has a digital output, but not HDMI, please obtain an adapter or cable that will convert the device output connector to HDMI.

Don't know what type of digital output your device has? View a list of different types of digital connectors.


HDMI is the most adopted digital signal connection available.  It is widely used on anything from televisions, laptops, tablets and Blu-Ray players to LCD displays and projectors.  There are a variety of other digital signal connectors used by a variety of devices.  Most (if not all) digital devices that do not have this HDMI connection are capable of connecting to it by way of an adapter.  For a list of digital connectors, go here.

Analog Inputs

VGA with Audio

Also known as "that 'D'-shaped connector," the VGA connector has been the standard analog computer connector for the past 30 years, found on computers, laptops and monitors.  We include a standard 3.5-millimeter stereo audio jack to receive audio from your laptop or another audio device.  Both VGA and 3.5mm cables are available for checkout at the VCU IT Support Center locations. 

RCA Connectors for Video and Stereo Audio (being phased out)

These connectors have been in use since the early 1940's.  One of the most common connectors for transporting video on consumer devices, the RCA connector has been a staple of our audio/visual systems for decades.  Yellow is used to transport a composite video signal.  Red is used to transport the right channel audio and White transports the left audio channel.  Though they are often found on cables together, it is possible to use the audio connections independently from the video cable should it be needed for audio devices that do not have video.  With the advent of the digital video age, the RCA connector is not used on most of today's media devices.  Given the infrequent use of this connector, new systems (installed or retrofitted in 2015 or later) will no longer include RCA inputs. 

If you have a device that requires usage of RCA connectors and your classroom does not have the appropriate input on the Auxiliary interface plate, an RCA to HDMI adapter can be checked out at the VCU IT Support Center locations. 


Other resources available on or near the Auxiliary Interface

Power and Network

This plate is also known as Plan B.  Most of the presentation sources such as laptops and tablets have decent battery life and wireless network connectivity.  This plate is available for occasions when you forgot to charge up your batteries, or the wireless card is acting up.  You might not need them, but they're there in case your Plan A device battery runs low before the presentation is over.

Computer USB Ports

With the growing number of USB driven devices being used by instructors, we are integrating computers in the podium with multiple USB ports on the front of them.