Digital Connections Needing Adapters

Does your device have a digital output that isn't HDMI?  If so, you'll need an adapter.  Below are several digital outputs found on several devices frequently used by our faculty, staff and students.

A Note About Tablets and Other Mobile Devices

As manufacturers continue to make different and smaller connections, it is important to be sure you have the proper adapter.  Consult the manufacturer's website or the owner's manual for the specific device to determine what adapter might be required.  We've listed links to some of the more popular tablets and the necessary adapter to feed the HDMI input of our systems here.


Please note:

  1. In DVI-A, the "A" stands for Analog.  DVI-A will only adapt to an Analog connection such as VGA.  The rest of these should adapt to HDMI.
  2. Most DVI connections do NOT pass audio along with the digital video.


Mini DVI - Often used on Macs



Mini Displayport