Large Presentation Display

Standard Large Presentation Display

With the cost of large format LCD and LED monitors becoming more and more reasonable, we've found a place for them in our smaller presentation rooms and collaborative spaces where the audience size is between 2 and around 20. While they are capable of very high resolutions, content, especially small fonts, are hard to see clearly from a distance.   

Typical Screen sizes:60-90 inches
Typical Resolution: 1920x1080


Large Annotation Presentation Displays

With a touch annotation capabilities, these large presentation displays are used to a similar capacity as the touch monitors secured to the podiums, but in more of a whiteboard style because the user would stand in front of the presentation to make their notes.  Typically, there is a dedicated computer associated with the Large Annotation Presentation display. These have a limited deployment in centrally supported classrooms.  Currently, they are only deployed in Baruch Auditorium, Kontos Medical Science Building Auditorium and Smith 103.