Wireless Microphone

wireless microphone transmitter

Wireless microphone systems are integrated into every centrally supported lecture hall on both MPC and MCV campuses.   We have also deployed wireless microphone systems in classes where the physical room requires additional speech reinforcement.  A wireless microphone transmitter packs (pictured above) can be checked out at the IT Support Center for up to a semester at a time*.  All of our microphone systems on both campuses work off of the same set of channels so you'll only need to check out one microphone even if you teach in multiple lecture halls or select classrooms.  When checking out a microphone, you'll need to know in which room(s) you plan on using it. The IT Support Center can assist you in setting up the correct channel.

Please visit your classroom's resource availability either on the Monroe Park Campus or MCV Campus room directory page to confirm availability of a wireless microphone system. 

*Checkout duration limit subject to change based on available stock and ITSC policies.