Egyptian Building

Egyptian Building

Baruch Auditorium

Room Type: Lecture Hall

Seating Capacity: 315

System Instructions: Our classroom instructions are currently being updated. Please call our office at 804-828-3400 for assistance with this system.

Presentation resources available:

-Large Podium

-Podium computer
DVD drive2-4 available USB ports
Microsoft Office Suite
Internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
Full list of classroom computer software
Video Conferencing software (Zoom) 

-Two Monitors on adjustable arms for use with podium computer
Left screen has touch interactivity (finger or stylus annotation)
Always displays podium computer primary desktop
The right screen also has touch interactivity (Touch interactivity only available for use with podium computer.)
Displays extended desktop or alternative source.

-Auxiliary inputs located on the front of the podium under a light
VGA with stereo mini (3.5mm) audio
USB ports (for the podium computer)
power plug
Network plug
System audio output (3.5mm)
Podium auxiliary microphone input (XLR)

-Document camera

-BluRay Player 

-Echo360 classroom capture system

-Podium microphone

-Wireless microphone capable(as many as 5) (available for checkout through the IT Support Center, 828-2227)

-Large auditorium projector and Screen

-Large Interactive display with a dedicated computer.

-Whiteboard (mostly obstructed by projection screen when projector is on)

This article was updated: 09/26/2018