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Import Media

1. Log in to the EchoSystem.

2. Navigate to the "Echoes" tab, and select the "Media Import" sub-tab. (The media upload screen will appear - see image below.)

3. Click Choose File to select the file you want to import.

4. Click Upload to import the file to the EchoSystem.  The upload process verifies the media file as valid for use.  Note: You will not see any upload status; and large files may take a long time. The URL address bar of the browser may indicate that the page is loading, which may be your only indication of file upload in progress.

5. Once the upload is complete, the media import page refreshes to show the verified items, and includes a "Delete Uploaded File" button - to use if there is a problem.  The image below shows the refreshed page.

6. The Section Quota field shows the amount of space used and the total  amount‌ of space used and the total amount available for media imports, if a quota is configured for the section.

7. Start Date and Start Time can be used to identify a particular date and time to which the uploaded media item applies, such as a particular class lecture or a guest lecture event. By default, these are set at the current date/time (the time and date that the item is uploaded).

8. Enter a Title that identifies the item for students.

9. Enter a Description for the item to provide students information about the media import.

10. Select a Media Type. This determines the type of output that will be produced from the uploaded file. Your options include:

    • Audio Only - Media files that contain only audio
    • Audio and Video - Media files containing visual motion, such as web clip, files created using a standard video camera, web camera or from a DVD source.
    • Audio and PowerPoint, or Low Motion Video - Media files containing a recording of a presentation made on a computer or other display device where readability is critical.

11. Once the file is uploaded and the fields are filled in, click Next.

12. You may see a page where you can select the Product Group for the imported media. If you do not, then skip to the next step.

13. If applicable, select a Product Group from the drop-down list shown in the image below. This determines the type of output product generated from the uploaded file. Depending on how the section is configured, you may have only one option to choose from.

14. Click Start Processing. The "Processing Details" page appears, listing the details of the file you imported, as shown in the image below.


15. Click Upload Another Media File to import another media file.

16.  After the material is uploaded you can edit it with the usual tools. If you are an IT EchoSystem Admin, you can also add closed captioning.  There is an additional cost to departments that use closed captioning.