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Supported Tools and Formats for Media Import

Note: Media Import supports Stereo Audio Only, Media import does not support multi-channel audio.

Echo360 supports the file types listed below.  Echo360 will add support for additional tools and formats. If you use a format not listed here, you can attempt to ingest it. Other formats may work, although they have not been tested. If the format you use fails to process correctly, please enter a support request with Echo360.

Combination Audio and Video File Types Currently Tested and Supported

Audio and Video / Audio and Screen 
 ToolVideo File FormatVideo CodecAudio Codec
Camtasia Studio 7 (PC)  AVI  CVID,TSCC PCM
   FLV  VP6F MP3
   M4V  H.264  AAC
   MP4  H.264, AVC1  AAC
   MOV H.264, MPEG-4 (mp4v), DV  AAC, MPEG-4(mp4a)
Apple Quick Time  MOV  H.264, MPEG-4  AAC
   MP4  H.264, MPEG-4  AAC
   M4V  H.264  AAC
Apple iMovie  M4V  H.264  AAC
Adobe Premier  AVI  DV  PCM
   MOV  H.264, CVID  AAC, PCM
Microsoft Expression Studio 4  WMV WMV9, VC1  WMA9
Flip Video - Mino HD MP4 H.264 AAC
Logitech Web Cam (PC)  WMV  WMV2  WMA2
Cam Studio (PC)  AVI  CVID  PCM


Audio-Only File Types Currently Tested and Supported

Audio File FormatAudio Codec