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Ad Hoc Capturing and Chrome Browsers

Understanding Security Warnings in Chrome

  • Using a Chrome browser and the DNS name, the correct IP address will sometimes display a security warning about identity.
  • When using the DNS name, successful login looks like the image below.  You should see a green lock symbol in the browser address bar.  Click on it to see the (security) InCommon SSL cert and Identity is OK.



  • Using the IP address in Chrome (instead of the DNS), an identity warning is displayed, but is still OK and not a security risk. 


  • Click on the "Proceed Anyway" button.
  • Log in with your eID credentials when prompted.

  • The "red X" and cross-out thru https in the above image indicates: The site uses SSL, but Google Chrome has detected either high-risk insecure content on the page or problems with the site's certificate.  Do not enter sensitive information on this page. Invalid certificate or other serious https issues could indicate that someone is attempting to tamper with your connection to the site.


  • If you click on the "red X" you will see that the certificate is OK, but Chrome is questioning the identity of the site due to the * security certificate.

  • If you click on the Certificate Information under the "red X identity," you will see the VCU InCommon security certificate.