Class Captures - Instructors

To Request a Class be recorded with Echo360

Instructors should contact their Department of Information Technology: Echo360 Scheduling Contacts

  • Be sure to indicate in your request if you want the capture to be published in a specified Blackboard course. (This must be set up during the scheduling.)
  • If you have a remote location for some of your students, Live Streaming is available if an Echo360 HD appliance is installed in your Lecture Room.


Prepare Your Class

Once the Echo360 system is scheduled for your class, make sure:

  • The podium computer is displaying your presentation and projecting it to the students.
  • Verify that the camera presets are how you prefer them. 


Accessing Your Class Capture

After your class, the capture will be processed and published by the Echo360 System:

  • If you requested that your capture is published to your Blackboard course, you would receive an email notice, and a link will appear in your Blackboard course. It will be ready for your students to review, make notes in their study guide, and add bookmarks to key parts of your lecture.
  • If you did not request that your capture is published to Blackboard, then you will receive an email notifying you when your capture is ready. You will then need to log into to review and distribute links to your capture. Echo360’s guide to working with class content provides information on how to share your captures with students

If your department does not have any classrooms set up for Echo360 lecture capture, please have your department administration contact Media Support Services at 828-1098 to inquire about purchasing capture stations and/or installation of classroom capture software (CCAP).