Echo360 Terms, Accounts, Courses, and Sections

This information is intended for schedulers and administrators of the Echo360 System.

Manage Echo360 Terms, Courses, Sections

Academic Terms

  • Created and maintained by the Learning Systems Echo360 Administrators.
  • The area based on the VCU Academic Calendar.  If you require a non-standard term, please consult with the Echo360 system administrators (in Learning Systems) before creating a new one in the system. This will ensure that it is set up properly to meet your needs.

Faculty and Staff Accounts

  • Accounts are manually created for each faculty or staff member who is using the Echo360 system.
  • Please enter their eID as their account.

Courses, Sections and Roles

  • Courses and Sections are associated with terms.
  • Each user account must be assigned to at least one course and section.
  • The sections must have at least one account with a role of instructor or teaching assistant.
  • The captures must be associated with a section on order to be processed.