Echo360 Data Retention Procedure

Purpose: To ensure proper retention of Echo360 data, maintain a manageable storage environment, enhance system performance and minimize storage space costs.

Procedures for Data Retention


A total of 5 years of Echo data will be maintained based on the records management requirements for state agencies and will be based on the creation date of the Echo data.

  • PRODUCTION:  2 years of data will reside on the production server
  • ARCHIVES:  data older than 2 years will be automatically archived from production to a separate storage space
  • DELETIONS: data older than 5 years will be permanently deleted from the archive storage space, and is unrecoverable.

Archiving Data

Archiving will be done twice per year - after the fall and spring semesters end. Notifications will be sent 2 months in advance, and a reminder notice will be sent 1 week before the archiving begins.

Deleting Data

Archived data more than 5 years old will be permanently deleted and will not be recoverable under any circumstances. Per the Library of Virginia state records management requirements, reporting of the destruction of Echo captures as stated in this procedure will be carried out by the Learning Systems group in Technology Services. Any deletion that falls outside the scope of this procedure should first be reported to and approved by the University Records Officer. Please see for more information.

Raw Media

Echo360 raw media data is available to the school/department for 30 days.

Raw media files are the high-quality source (master) files captured by Echo System devices and are typically very large in size. They are needed in order to edit the media (i.e. to remove or trim sections of the echo presentation).

Unprocessed Ad Hoc Captures

Advanced Ad Hoc Captures that remain unprocessed by school/department Echo360  Administrators will be deleted after 30 days.


All instructors listed as presenters in Echo360, all department/school Echo Administrators, and all Course Directors will be notified via email at least 1 month before archiving OR deletion begins.  A reminder email will be sent approximately 1 week before the archiving OR deletion begins.  These notifications will include a list the echoes scheduled for archive or deletion. The recipients of these notifications are responsible for maintaining a knowledge of their respective Echo360 data and notify other persons as needed.

Each school/department is responsible for notifying the Learning Systems team, via email to, of any changes to the individuals that need to receive communications regarding the Echo360 retention procedures.

Who Should Read this Procedure?

All  who use the Echo360 system to capture presentations (Faculty, Staff, Students, Course Directors, Department/School Echo Administrator, etc.)

Questions or Comments

Additional Information

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This article was updated: 10/4/2016