Echo360 Granting Access to Lecture Captures Belonging to Other Users

How to gain access to another instructor's Echo360 lecture captures

Policy Statement and Purpose:
Lecture Captures are "owned" by the person designated as the Presenter. Only under special circumstances will access to a lecture capture be granted to someone other than the designated Presenter. This also includes reprocessing of lecture captures to different media types, which require the approval of the designated Presenter.

If the owner (Presenter) of the capture is still employed at Virginia Commonwealth University, the person that needs access or additional media formats should contact that Presenter.

If the Presenter is no longer available (deceased, no longer employed by the University, or cannot be located), then the dean of the school (i.e; the dean of the School of Nursing) can request another person be granted access to the capture and/or allow them to request additional media formats.

Please see the Intellectual Properties Policy in regards to content that resides in a course and ownership of that content. The dean, not Echo360 Administrators, assumes the responsibility for providing additional access to lecture captures and media formats.

Who Should Read this Procedure?
Faculty/Instructor/Presenter users of the Echo360 system

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The first step, when possible, would be to have the Presenter who is the owner of the Echo360 capture provide the URL, the downloaded files for the capture, and/or submit the request to have the capture reprocessed in additional media formats.

If the request is for a capture with a Presenter who is no longer available, the request must come from the dean of the school where the Presenter was located. An email should be sent to with the request. Please state in the email the Presenter who is no longer available. A member of the Learning Systems staff will contact the dean via phone and email to verify that he/she is taking responsibility for providing access to the capture. The Echo360 administrator will then proceed with providing the capture to the designated person.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017