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Echo360 Live Streaming Schedule Procedure

Procedure Statement and Purpose:

Learning Systems requires the creation of an IT Support Center ticket to be submitted two (2) business days in advance for any Live Schedule. The Service Desk ticket should be directed to the attention of Learning Systems.

The purpose of requiring a Service Desk ticket are as follows:

  1. Prevent VCU network overload - there will be exceptions to this rule after Administrators have completed training sessions and also if Live Stream is directed to Teaching Assistants and not Students (bandwidth constraint).
  2. Unless otherwise approved (via IT Support Center ticket), Live streams to students are not allowed.
  3. Must use secure Live Links – use of the setting "allow all security modules for Live Links" is not allowed.
  4. Work with Learning Systems to establish the best method to publish Live Streams to your Teaching Assistants. Note: Using the Blackboard publisher seamless login, with seamless security module works well.

Please note that if you cannot access this link, you do not have permission to schedule ESS and must contact your local department or school Echo administrator.

To expedite your request, the IT Support Center ticket should contain the following information:

  1. Name of Echo360 Product Group that uses Live Feature
  2. Echo360 course Name
  3. Echo360 Course Identifier
  4. Echo360 Organization
  5. Echo360 Course Term
  6. Echo360 Course Section
  7. Echo360 Course Section Security Module
  8. Echo360 Course Section Configured Blackboard Publisher Type
  9. Echo360 Course Section Configured Blackboard CMS ID (Note above references your course in
  10. Expected (combined) total number of enrolled students, teaching assistants and instructors in the Blackboard course should be included. 
  11. Expected Days, Time of Day, Length Expected for Live Stream Presentation
  12. Will Live stream be restricted to remote classrooms (Yes/No)? If so how many remote locations? Please provide the building name, building room, state, and city.

It is permissible for School Department Echo360 Scheduler to schedule the above, but do not activate, leave it as a draft schedule until LS has approved the IT Support Center Ticket you submitted with above information. It is important to follow this procedure, or your actions could potentially cause a VCU network outage due to the large bandwidth needed for Live Streaming to many customers simultaneously.

Who Should Read this Procedure?

Faculty and staff who use the Echo360 system to capture presentations.

Questions should be directed to VCU IT Support Center:

This article was updated: 12/8/2017