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Branding Help - Creative Services

If you need help generating your branding for your department or school Echo360 Organization, University Relations may be able to help create the graphic files needed to be imported into the ESS Schedules>Branding.

There will a fee associated with any help you receive from University Relations. Please contact University Relations for pricing. 


Echo360 Branding Overview:

The EchoSystem Server (ESS) allows institutions to brand (with logos, art, and messaging) the EchoPlayer that students use to review and interact with content.  Please take a moment to upload your branding assets to this repository.  Only assets within this repository can be used to customize the EchoPlayer. Once uploaded, you can choose which assets to use as branding elements by customizing the branding settings.


Upload a Branding File:

  1. Verify that the file you want to use is a supported size and format. Refer to the following table for supported sizes and formats. You cannot scale an image in the ESS. Use a graphics



    Supported Sizes and Formats

    Player Banner Background Image

    Use .png or .jpg files. The image must be 2 pixels wide by 62 pixels high. 

    This image is layered below the logo image, the metadata text, and the title. Choose an image and color that will contrast well with these elements.

    Player Logo Image

    Use .png or .jpg files. The image must be 2-250 pixels wide and no more than 62 pixels high. 

    We recommend padding the image with 10 pixels of transparency on both sides. 

    This image is layered above the background image. You may need to adjust the logo or background image. 

    Animated .gif files are not supported.

    Intro and Outro clips

    Use a standard .mov or .mp4 file that is 5-60 seconds long. The file must contain both audio and video tracks. 

    The image size must be 640x480 pixels.

    Please note that Outro clips are only added to the Podcast/Vodcast download files; they do not appear in the EchoPlayer.


    The watermark appears in the lower right corner of both the video pane and the display (VGA) pane. 

    You can use any .png files except 16 bit channel .png files and grayscale alpha channel .png files. The watermark should be 1024x256 pixels or smaller.

    The image is scaled so the width is 10 percent the width of the pane. The height is scaled to the width, preserving the aspect ratio. 

    If you are using Adobe PhotoShop, we recommend saving in PNG-24 format, checking the Transparency option, and checking the "convert to sRGB" option.

    EchoCenter Logo Image

    Use .png or .jpg files. The image must be 10-192 pixels wide by 10-32 pixels high.

    We recommend padding the image with 10 pixels of transparency on both sides.

    Animated .gif files are not supported.

    design program such as Adobe PhotoShop to design and scale the image.
  2. Navigate to Schedule>Branding
  3. Click Add.  The Add Branding File page appears as shown below.
  4. Enter a name
  5. Select the parent organization or child organization from the list.
  6. Click the radio button for the branding file type.
  7. Click the File field, then click the Upload File button.
  8. Browse to the file location on your computer and click Open.
  9. Notice the file begins to upload.  While it is uploading, the Upload File field shows you how much has uploaded.
  10. If the file uploads successfully, you see a new field, Verify Media File, and a series of checks.
  11. Click Save



Edit a Branding File


You can navigate to the branding files list, hover the cursor over a particular file, and click the edit button, as shown in the screenshot below:



However, the "edit" button does not allow you to make changes to the appearance of the branding file. You can use the edit button to:


  • Edit the name of the file. You might do this when the file has a somewhat generic name ("logo") and you are about to add another logo file. You might want to rename "logo" to "logo for arts and sciences" then add another file called "logo for med school".
  • Replace the current file with a different file. You might do this when the logo has changed and another group has supplied you with the new logo file.


To change the branding file itself, open the file in an appropriate media editor (this will differ depending on the file type), make changes, and re-upload the changed file




  1. Navigate to Schedule > Branding
  2. Hover of the file to be edited
  3. Click edit
  4. In the Verify Certificate dialog box, click Trust
  5. In the applet is requesting dialog box, click Allow.
  6. On the Edit Branding File Page, do on or both of the following:
    a.  Edit the name field

            b. Click the Upload a file... button, then follow the same procedure described in Upload a     Branding File

      7.  Click Save

      8.   If you edited the file name, you will see the new name on the Branding File Details page. If you uploaded a new file, you may notice that the file size is different.