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Student Usage Heat Maps

Faculty can view Usage Heat maps, which illustrate a student's reaction to an lecture capture.  A color-coded line indicates what a student's interest in various segments of an lecture capture.

    • Most interesting ("hot spots - red")
    • Somewhat interesting ("warm spots - yellow")
    • Less interesting ("cool spots - blue")

Also, the number of "hot" and "warm" spots are listed just below the color-coded line.

 Overview of Echo Viewing activity


Clicking on the Heat Map Opens the Echo to that Segment

Hovering your mouse cursor over parts of the heat map line, generates a pop-up tip which interprets the color of the segment.  In the image below, the cursor is hovering over minute 19, second 0 of the lecture capture.


Segments in Usage Heat Map get interpreted by combining discussions, notes, and views


The EchoCenter determines the "heat quotient" of an Echo segment by analyzing the following:

    • The number of views received by a segment.
    • The number and intensity of discussions generated by a segment.
    • The number of notes generated by a segment.