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Using Discussions in the EchoPlayer

Instructors, teaching assistants, or students can start a discussion while viewing an Echo by clicking the "Discussions" button (as shown below).

 EchoPlayer Applications shown

These discussions are listed on the EchoCenter page, where you can view them in summary and respond to a particular comment. 

The "Recent Activity" pane (shown below) displays the most recent discussions in the course. These discussions could have occurred in any Echo, not necessarily the most recently recorded Echo.

 Discussions listed here

  • A new discussion topic is tagged as TOPIC.
  • A reply to an existing topic is tagged REPLY TO.
  • The date and time shown beneath each item is the date and time the discussion item was entered. (Which could be any time after the Echo was posted to the EchoCenter page).
  • The most recent discussions are posted at the top of the pane.


Monitor Discussions, Respond or Start a New Discussion

  • Click on TOPIC or REPLY TO, or the course name will open the Echo to the scene that elicited the discussion.
  • Click on the "Discussions" button in the EchoPlayer

View discussions for a single echo


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