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How to Edit Echo360 Captures

  1. Log into the Echo ESS user interface with your eid username and eid password at
  2. Then left click on the Echoes main tab and then left click on Echoes sub tab.
  3. Hover over the title of the echo you want to edit and left click on the blue Edit button.  This should open the Echo Edit page.   Scroll down to the bottom of the Edit Echo page you will see the green Edit Media buttonWhat Academic Staff and Instructors click to edit echo time slices
  4. Left Click on the green Edit Media button.
  5. Follow these instructions - don't worry about making mistakes, there is a restore process to original presentation.    Instructions here:
  6. After you submit your edits in step 5 above, it will take up to an hour or two to process and then publish, you can confirm the status by hovering over the title on the Echoes page (left click on Echoes main tab, left click on Echoes sub tab) and left clicking on the title of the echo to check its processing status.   Left clicking the title will open the Echo details page.  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see the status of the edit process.

          While the

Edit is processing, you will see the following Status listed:Show Academic Staff what an edit looks like when processing on Echoes Detail page (bottom) 

After Edit completes processing, you will see Status has changed to Current:Show Academic Staff where to check completed status of an edited echo on Echo details page (bottom)

But if you want to restore to original presentation and start over click on the green Restore Unedited Media button Show the instructor they can recover original media after editing.