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Lecture Tools Overview

Echo360 is integrated with Lecture Tools to allow instructors to seamlessly provide in-class quizzes, questions, and polls, to provide a more interactive experience, including distance learning students.  There are two primary scenarios for which the Lecture Tools integration was designed.

Live Webcasts

  • Allows you to integrate the questions to students during class in real-time and within the context of the lecture or presentation. Lecture Tools allows you (or a Teaching Assistant) to review responses in real-time as well, letting you incorporate those responses into your presentation
  • With Personal Capture as a pre-class exercise: Allows you to post a Personal Capture recording, then add polls or questions for students to respond to before class. Then you can use the classroom time to discuss the students' responses.

This page provides information on accessing Lecture Tools through the EchoCenter. If you need assistance or instructions for using Lecture Tools itself, please refer to the Lecture Tools documentation or contact VCU's help desk Echo360.

Access Lecture Tools and EchoPlayer through EchoCenter

The integration between EchoCenter and Lecture Tools is currently a "one-way" integration. Meaning, Lecture Tools may only be linked to course materials in the EchoCenter by accessing them through EchoCenter. You can prepare materials directly in Lecture Tools,  but you AND your students MUST access them through the EchoCenter course page.

This article was updated: 12/6/2017