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Adding Lecture Tools Materials to Existing Captures

Lecture Tools materials can be used primarily for Live event presentations, or for pre-class exercises in association with Personal Captures.

The basic difference in linking and a live presentation, you can present each question or poll in real-time, in coordination with the lecture as it is given. When adding Lecture Tools materials with a Personal Capture recording (or to a classroom Echo) remember that students can see ALL of the published questions at any time during the recording. The poll cannot be coordinated with any particular time on the recording.

Use the following steps to add Lecture Tools materials to an existing Echo (either a classroom or Personal Capture recording):

  • Access the Course page in EchoCenter.
  • Find the Echo you want to add materials to and (optionally) make the recording Unavailable
  • Click the green "e" button to the left of Play (as shown above) to access Lecture Tools.
  • Follow the instructions on this page as needed to create a password, course, and lecture in Lecture Tools.
  • Create the Lecture Tools materials and Publish them.
  • Return to the EchoCenter page.
  • Make the Echo Available again ( if you made if unavailable earlier in step 2).