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Linking to Lecture Tools in EchoCenter

1. Open the EchoCenter course page and you should see one or both of the Lecture Tools buttons identified in the below figure.

Revised - 1st image for page

2. If the course is configured as a Live event, you will see a Prepare Lecture button in the Live Event banner. Otherwise, you can use the "View Course Tools" button at any time to link this EchoCenter course to a Lecture Tools course.  You will also see a Lecture Tools button for preparing a lecture to the left of the Play button in the EchoCenter, as shown in the below figure. This button also opens the corresponding Lecture Tools course and allows you to prepare materials for any of the lectures for the course.

Revised Instructor EchoCenter E Button For LT for page

3. Create a password in Lecture Tools (only have to do this once). After creating a password, if you have not already created a course in Lecture Tools, you must create one. Alternately, if the course already exists in Lecture Tools, you can select it from a list.  The figure below shows the information requested by Lecture Tools for the course you are creating.  Enter the information that corresponds to the EchoCenter course to which you want to link. You will only have to do this once for each course.‌

Revised LT Connect To LT Course for page

5. Create a the lecture for the course, as shown in the below figure. Do this for each lecture for which you want to provide Lecture Tools materials and questions. Create the materials in Lecture Tools. (The EchoCenter integration supports everything except Image Quiz.) Publish the Lecture Tools course materials, hiding or not hiding items as appropriate. You should use a Lecture Title that easily identifies this lecture and ties it to the specific course lecture to which it will be linked, such as the subject of the particular presentation.

Revised Setup Lecture In LT for page

6. Create the lecture materials. Once published, this lecture's materials will be linked through the Polling button on the EchoPlayer, shown below, allowing students to participate as you present the questions during your lecture or presentation. Remember (and remind them) that students MUST ACCESS the lecture or Personal Capture recording through the course EchoCenter page and NOT via a direct link to see your polling materials and participate in class.

Revised Echo Player With LT Poll for page

 When students click the Polling button, the Lecture Tools presentation materials are listed, along with selections for responses. An example is shown below. Keep in mind that you can hide or unhide lecture materials throughout the presentation, or have a Teaching Assistant do this for you. That allows each poll or quiz question to be shown individually as appropriate.

Revised EchoPlayer Tools with Poll image for page  

Responses are recorded in Lecture Tools, allowing you to review the responses in real-time (for Live presentations) or later as appropriate.‌