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How to Request Access to Echo360

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Faculty and Staff should contact their department IT Admins to request scheduled classroom captures. If you are a new scheduler, please submit a request for access and preliminary training.  To submit your request, select from the options listed below.
Faculty and Staff who need to record a single lecture using ad-hoc capturing, please note:
  • You must be a VCU Academic Staff member.
  • You must be "enrolled" in at least one Echo360 course and one Echo360 section in the EchoSystem.
  • In the Echo360 course and section you must be assigned the role of instructor or teaching assistant.
If you have not used Echo360 previously, please submit a request for access. Select from the options listed below.
Call the Technology Services IT Support Center at 828-2227
Submit an online IT Support Center request ticket
Send an email
Send an email