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Echo360 Unable to Publish to Blackboard

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When publishing Echo360 using the standard publisher (VCU Blackboard v9) on copied Blackboard courses, the Echo link may fail to publish to the Course Documents section of the Blackboard Course. 


Determine if your course has an Issue:

1. Check to see if you have any recent links published to the "Course Documents" content area of Blackboard. 

2. Login to the Echo360 server ( with your eID credentials and go to the "Monitor Tab".  Navigate to the "Processing Summary" as shown below. This displays that echo is currently in a processing state. In the "publishing" column (on the far right) there will be a red "x" indicator if it failed to publish to Blackboard.

To Correct The Issue:

1. In your Blackboard course(s), edit your course menu item called "Course Documents" and remove the extra space at the end.

Publishing Echoes to Course Documents

2. Save the change, by clicking on the green checkmark.

3. Republish your capture(s) from Echo360.



Alternate Solution:

Publish to the EchoCenter using the Echo360 publisher called "BbPROD - Seamless & EchoCenter".  The Blackboard content area gets generated automatically and is called EchoCenter (Echo Course Section name).  Because the EchoCenter is generated after the Blackboard course is created, it does not have the publishing issue.