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Workaround For Issues with Downloaded Echoes

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Any echoes downloaded from the Echo Server to your workstation between 1/16/15 and 6/5/15 will need to be downloaded again to play properly.   Of these downloaded captures,  any that are more than 30 days old, will need branding files re-added. Refer to instructions below for this workaround.

Echo version 5.4 SP7 is expected to fix the branding file issue, and the Echo360 development team is continuing to work on this as a high priority issue.

Process to Make a Downloaded Capture Playable If more than 30 days old

STEP 1:  A downloaded echo distribution has a folder of files and directories and a playable HTML file.

Below is what an unzipped, downloaded echo distribution looks like. Note that the *.html file is clickable, and will play the Echo capture if the branding files have been added.

STEP 2:  Select the appropriate branding files for your Department/School and use the table below to compare the creation date of your capture, so that you choose the correct branding zip file.

  • Determine your creation date on the Echo Server by “Title of Echo” or by looking at the date of the *.flv files (flash files) on the downloaded distribution.

  • Use the spreadsheet below to download the appropriate branding file directories, then drag and drop them into the downloaded distribution directory.  See the example below.

Google Drive Spreadsheet with Needed Branding Directories


Step 3:  Click on the *.html file in the main directory of your downloaded distribution and your Echo capture will play without freezing.