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Publishing Echo360 Captures to Blackboard

Integrated tools allow publishing directly to a specified Blackboard course. Once Echo360 capture has been processed, it is available for "publishing". When a caputre is published to Blackboard, the following occurs:

  • A new announcement is created in the course with capture name, date and time information.
  • A link (url) to the capture is added to a content area of the course. By default, the link will be published to a content area called "Class Capture" of it exists in the course. If a "Class Capture" content area does not exist in the course, is the link is added to the "Course Documents" content area.
  • An Echo360 icon appears beside the capture link, so students can easily identify Echo360 captures.

Refer to Echo360's web site for additional information about Traditional Publishing Methods.

The most common mistake in setting up a Blackboard publisher in an Echo360 Course and Section, is not entering the correct course ID (CMS ID). The CMS ID can be found in the Blackboard "Course Content" section, as shown below:


The course ID (CMS ID) should be added in the "CMS ID" field for the Blackboard publisher, in the EchoSystem as indicated below.