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Kaltura is VCU's cloud-based video management system that facilitates the conversion and distribution of audio and

video formats online. It combines intuitive methods for recording, publishing and interactive viewing on any

device in or outside of the classroom.

Why use it?

  • Create more engaging content for your students.
  • Unlimited, secure storage for audio, video and other types of rich-media content.
  • Secure publishing and sharing of recorded content.
  • Easily convert presentations or lectures to video.
  • Make it easy for students to view videos. Kaltura detects the type of device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) and
  • provides playback in a compatible format.
  • Integration with Blackboard allows instructors to easily and securely:
    • Upload videos to Kaltura.
    • Make videos available to students in Blackboard course content areas such as Media Gallery, assignments, discussions, quizzes, announcements, etc.
    • Limit the viewing of videos to a specific course.
    • Access My Media (personal repository) from within Blackboard.

To request Kaltura help, enter a Service Desk Ticket or send an email to kalturahelp@vcu.edu. 


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This article was updated: 02/22/2018