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Kaltura Mashup Tool

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Users can add media to various resources using Blackboard’s Mashup Tool that is available via the content editor. Users can use the Mashup Tool in different resources according to their role in the course.

For example, instructors can repurpose media via the Mashup Tool in:

• Announcements

• Assignments

• Content Item

• Discussion Board

• Glossary

• Messages

• Tasks

Students, for example can repurpose media via the Mashup Tool in:

• Discussion board

• Messages

• Tasks

• Assignments submission

How to Repurpose Media using the Kaltura Mashup Tool

1. In a course, within one of the areas listed above (depending on your role in the course, Faculty or Student), go to the Content Editor and click on the mashup tool icon.

2. Select Kaltura Media

NOTE: Available media includes all the media ‘owned’ by you, as it appears in My Media. Faculty members also have media from the Faculty Repository (if enabled) available.

3. Browse or search for the media you want to repurpose.

4. Click the video to preview or click Select to add the media to the content area.

5. Click Submit to proceed. The media will be represented in the content editor as a thumbnail. Text can be added before and after the media.