My Media

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My Media is a personal repository of your own media content. You can get to Kaltura - My Media by going to the Quick Links module from your My Blackboard tab.

My Media allows users to view their media, add and edit media, and assign media to a specific course.

The available actions are:

• Capture frame from video for new thumbnail display – use the camera icon in the player.

• Edit metadata- select Edit near the field you want to edit.

• Clipping - allow other users to make clips of this video . If allowed, other users that belong to

courses that the video is assigned to can create clips from the video.

• Delete Media

• Create clip (if enabled)

• Add to Gallery - assign to course gallery. A list of courses associated with users is displayed,

allowing them to add the media to the course gallery (multiple choices) and remove from the

gallery. The availability of this action depends on the Building Block configuration.

• Contribute media to the Faculty Repository (only available for faculty members).