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Publishing Echo Captures in Kaltura (Academic Staff)

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Academic Staff who use Echo should refer to the details below for selecting an individual Echo capture for publishing to Kaltura - My Media. Kaltura publishing works the same as any other Echo Publisher (i.e., Blackboard). 

Please note:                     

  • The presenter listed first on the edit Echo page is the only presenter that can publish Echo captures to Kaltura - My Media. This presenter can then use the tools on Kaltura to share with other Echo presenters as needed.


  • This presenter's email address on the Echo System Server (ESS) must follow this standard VCU syntax:  Non-VCU email addresses will cause an error and the publishing to Kaltura - My Media will fail.
  • Echo Personal Captures and Audio-only captures cannot be published to Kaltura - My Media automatically. Personal Captures can be uploaded from your personal computer directly into Kaltura - My Media.
  • This procedure does not support reprocessing the captured echoes into different Echo product groups. 
  • This publishing procedure will not retain bookmarks or discussions.
  • Echo Academic Staff can download the mp3, or m4v files from the Echo System Server (ESS) and upload them to Kaltura - My Media.
  • Echo Academic Staff can download and play the full Echo presentation to their work or personal computers. Be aware that media files can be quite large; when downloaded, they will use disk space on your computer. It is recommended that you monitor disk space and manage any downloaded presentations.


This procedure is intended for individual publishing a few Echo captures.  If you need all your Echo captures published to Kaltura - My Media, please contact your Department's Echo Administrator.  If your department does not have an Echo Administrator, please submit a Service Desk Request, call the IT Support Center at 828-2227, or email

1. Log into the EchoSystemServer (ESS) at using your VCU eID and password.

2. Select Echoes on the main tab and then select Echoes on the sub-tab.


You will see a list of all the Echo captures that you are an instructor for. These are the Echos currently available for you to transfer to Kaltura.

3. Hover over the title of the Echo you would like to transfer and click Edit.


Note: If you hover over the title and do not see the Edit button, it means you do not have the instructor role assigned to you, and you must contact your Department's Echo Administrator.

4. Verify that the Echo Start Date/Time listed under the section called "Presentation Information" is not more than 14 days old.  

  • If it is more than 14 days old, exit this procedure and submit a Service Desk Request, call the IT Support Center (828-2227) or email to have it published.
  • If it is not more than 14 days old, continue to step 5.

5. Verify that your is listed first in Event Description section beside Presenter:

  • If your is not listed first, you could move the names around by removing and adding Presenter's so you are the first Presenter or work with the current first presenter so that they can share from their Kaltura - My Media.

6. From the Configured Publishers area look to see if the Kaltura Publisher is already listed.

  • If it is already listed then this Echo will publish to your Kaltura - My Media; click Save.

  • If the Kaltura Publisher is not listed under the "Configured Publishers" area and it is not listed in "Configured Presentation Publishers," click the Add Publisher button and select Kaltura Publisher from the drop-down menu. Click Save.

7. Click Save.