Logging into Lon-Capa

VCU users are required to use their VCU eID for Lon-Capa login. The password associated with the VCU eID can be reset using the VCU eID Manager.

 If you are having a problem logging into Lon-Capa be sure to check these things before submitting an incident ticket.

1. Make sure you are using a compatible operating system and browser: http://www.ts.vcu.edu/kb/2014.html

2. Make sure you are using the exact same username/eID (not the entire email) and password you are using to get into other VCU systems (i.e. Blackboard, email, eServices, the portal, etc.)

3. Make sure you are putting in your username/eID with all lower case letters.

4. For new VCU faculty, staff or student users, make sure you are using the correct username/eID. If you are unsure of what your eID is, go to Find Username (eID) and Password.

5. Make sure the domain name says vcu.

This article was updated: 09/7/2016