Request a New or Cloned Course

Send an email to and include the following details:

  • Semester - example: Fall 2009
  • Course Title - example: CHEM-101
  • Course Sections (ALL that you want combined) - example: 001, 052, L52
  • Course Coordinator - name and eID of the instructor(s)

Additional information needed for Clone:  If you want this new course created (aka Cloned) using a copy of one of your courses, please specify the course title and semester for the one you want the new course copied FROM.  If you need a clone of another instructor's course please specify the course title, semester and instructor and note we will have to contact the instructor to get permission to clone their course.

 Note:  All the above information must be collected before the course can be created.


This article was updated: 11/4/2015