SafeAssign Direct Submit

Direct Submit generates SafeAssign reports on papers submitted outside of a SafeAssignment.

Papers uploaded through Direct Submit are only added to the Institutional Database - there is no option to add them to the Global Reference Database since students have to opt-in on a paper-by-paper basis.  Additionally, there is no Gradebook integration with papers submitted through Direct Submit.  So because Direct Submit does not offer access to the Global Reference Database or integration with Gradebook, instructors should set up and use SafeAssignments to collect submissions whenever possible.

Direct Submit allows Instructors to submit papers one at a time or several at once by including them in a .ZIP file. ZIP packages should contain no more than 100 papers and submitting more than 300 papers in a session is not recommended. Additionally, papers with over 5000 sentences or that are more than 10 MB in size cannot be submitted.

1. Control Panel >> Course Tools >> SafeAssign

2. Click the Direct Submit tab.

3. A list of folders and papers will appear. This list includes papers already uploaded through Direct Submit. It is not recommended that files be deleted from Direct Submit, as this will remove them from the institutional database of existing materials.

4. Navigate to a folder where the paper or papers will be uploaded.

5. Click Submit Papers.

6. Select the upload options:

  • Submit as Draft: A SafeAssign report will be generated however the paper will not be added to the institutional database and will not be used to check other papers.
  • Skip Plagiarism Checking: Adds the papers to the institutional database without checking for content copied from other sources. This is useful if an Instructor wants to upload papers from an earlier course to ensure that current students are not reusing work.

6. Select Upload File and browse for the file. Individual papers as well as papers that are grouped in a .ZIP package are accepted. Alternatively, select Copy/Paste Document and add the document text in the field.

Supported File Types

Direct Submit supports the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word document: .doc
  • Rich Text Format: .rtf
  • HTML: .htm or .html
  • Text: .txt
  • PDF: .pdf
  • Zip compressed: .ZIP used to upload multiple files.

Note: If the papers you are directly submitting include images, the images must not exceed 2MB or the submission may fail.

This article was updated: 01/11/2017