SoftChalk Cloud & SoftChalk Create

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Important Differences between SoftChalk Publish and SoftChalk Create

  • Content is published to SoftChalk Cloud - stored and available from anywhere

  • Content is posted to Blackboard Courses via LTI links - which link to content in the Cloud

  • SoftChalk Create is the new desktop application, replacing SoftChalk Publish 7


Quick Reference - Terminology and Functionality

Term or FunctionPrevious version of SoftChalkNew version of SoftChalk


Desktop Application

SoftChalk 7 SoftChalk Create
SoftChalk Files and Data Content, Activities or Lessons Content, Activities or Lessons
SoftChalk content storage and access Various - Local computer, network drive, SoftChalk Library (local computer)  and/or Blackboard SoftChalk Cloud - storage location hosted by SoftChalk, available from anywhere via internet access.
Transfer existing SoftChalk content to the new version N/A Migrate - upload existing SoftChalk content to the cloud
Integration with Blackboard Via a system building block (older  programming standard for integrating  learning applications) Via an LTI tool (newer  web-compatible programming standard for integrating learning applications)
Add SoftChalk content in Blackboard Publish activities or lessons to a Blackboard course from SoftChalk 7 desktop application

Post - copy/paste an LTI link in a Blackboard course from SoftChalk Cloud

Publish -  upload content to SoftChalk Cloud (for storage & easy access)
Scoring and Grades ScoreCenter - available in Blackboard; integrated with the Grade Center ScoreCenter - available in Blackboard and integrated with the Grade Center only if LTI link is posted in the course