Student Response System (SRS)

Top Hat Student Response System


A Student Response System (SRS) is an in-class assessment tool that allows the professor to both receive and provide instant feedback on the effectiveness of their teaching or the extent to which students are learning. This tool also helps instructors activate the classroom and engage the students. These systems were previously referred to as "clickers" because most Student Response Systems required students to purchase a physical device (clicker) to use for responding to polls and questions in the classroom. Top Hat allows students to use their own mobile device for responses and only requires them to purchase a subscription for the service. 

Faculty - Getting Started with Top Hat

  • Instructors who need a student account (for themselves), please email for assistance. 


Faculty - Managing Access to Your Top Hat Course


Faculty - Using Top Hat with Blackboard

VCU Blackboard has been configured for use with Top Hat.  To allow Top Hat to sync with Blackboard, instructors need to set up an LTI web link in each Blackboard course that will use Top Hat.

  • If you see a warning as depicted below, please be sure to set up a Top Hat web link in your Blackboard course, as described above.

Sync Top Hat with Blackboard




Student Accounts and Subscriptions

    1. Create an account with Top Hat  - IMPORTANT!  If you already have a Top Hat account from another school, you need to merge your existing account with a new VCU account to avoid additional subscription fees.
      • To merge accounts, click this link, then scroll down the page to the section " If you have previously created a Top Hat account..."
      • Follow the instructions for VCU account merging. (or you may contact Top Hat Support for assistance).
    2. Purchase a Top Hat subscription.  Top Hat Pricing for VCU Students:
      • Semester: $20
      • Annual: $30
      • Lifetime: $60
    3. Renew a Top Hat subscription.  Purchase a new subscription using your existing Top Hat account.
      • Extend a subscription from a previous semester.
      • Activate an expired subscription.


Get Started with Top Hat




Faculty Assistance

  • Request a Top Hat Consultation - On Top Hat's VCU page, scroll down to the contact information for our representative. Email or call him to request a consultation.  Individual or group consultations will be provided face-to-face or online. (Please note that face-to-face, on-site consultations will need to be scheduled in advance to accomodate our representative's long distance travel to/from VCU.)


Student Assistance

  • For questions or issues with your Top Hat account, subscription or payments - contact Top Hat.