Additional Resources for Faculty

Respondus Inc. Support Website Resources for StudyMate:

  • Knowledge Base- provides answers to frequently asked questions
  • User Guides- provide detailed information on all aspects of the software 
  • Quick Start Guides- a good reference for new users 
  • On-line help is available from within the Respondus application -- press the F1 key for context-sensitive help or select Help from the menu bar to choose a topic.
  • StudyMate Test Bank Network- contains thousands of test banks for the leading textbooks in higher education.
  • StudyMate Demo Library - view demonstration and training movies

Other Resources:
Sign Up for the VCU RESPONDUS-L Listserv (mailing list):  Listserv subscribers receive notifications of Respondus and StudyMate upgrades and maintenance fixes.

If you downloaded StudyMate from the VCU software download website, you should have been automatically subscribed to the RESPONDUS-L listserv.

To manually subscribe, login to your VCU e-mail account and send an e-mail message addressed to:

  • The Subject:  field may be left blank.
  • In the body of the e-mail message, type only the following single line: subscribe RESPONDUS-L firstname lastname
    • Example for Jane Doe: subscribe RESPONDUS-L Jane Doe
    • If you have configured your email program to automatically include signature text at the bottom of your emails, you should (temporarily) turn off that feature when sending this subscription request.

For Additional Help (at VCU):

This article was updated: 01/16/2018