TAB 108 Classroom User Guidelines

Room Availability

The TAB 108 Computer Classroom may be used between the hours of 8am and 5pm during the regular work hours. No weekly blocks of time may be reserved for the entire semester (i.e. classes, weekly meetings. etc.) There is no evening or weekend access to the room. Due to the heavy usage of the room, TAB 108 should only be used if students are required to use a computer or Echo 360 is recording the session. 

Room Access

Technology Services manages the TAB 108 Computer Classroom.  Room reservations and questions may be emailed to

Special Installation

Technology Services must approve all special software and hardware requests prior to installation. The requester must provide a valid license for every computer prior to installation.  It is the responsibility of the requesting party to verify the proper functionality of the software and specialized hardware.

Software and Hardware Submission Schedule:

 Semester  Deadline
 Fall  August 1
 Spring  December 1

It may be possible to handle special software and hardware requests during the semester with a minimum of three weeks notice. Only a Technology Services support tech may alter the desktop software and hardware configurations.

Temporary Files

Temporary files may be stored in the My Documents folder on the desktop. If the computer is shut down or restarted, the temporary files will be deleted.  Save your files to an external storage device, if you wish to retain the content from the desktop.

Sharing Files with Students

You may copy your files from a Flash Drive to the S: drive.  Create a folder, give it a name and copy your files to the folder. Copy the files you wish to share with your students to studentfiles in S: drive. Instruct the students to copy the files from studentfiles to their desktop. 

Technical Support

No technical support is available after 5pm Monday through Friday.

Room Use Training

If necessary, make an appointment to schedule a quick review of the room well in advance. Contact the VCU IT Support Center at 828-2227 or submit an online request through Service Desk to schedule an appointment.  Please specify if you need assistance using the Echo 360 video capture system.


Contact the classroom support staff at 828-1098 if you have problems with the computer or projection system.  Contact the VCU IT Support Center at 828-2227 if you are unable to get a response.  

Room Cancellations

You may cancel the room reservation through EMS. If you need assistance cancelling a classroom, please call 828-2227 or submit an online request through VCU IT Support Center

When class is finished

  1. Turn off the projector.
  2. DO NOT shutdown the computers.
  3. Turn off the lights.
  4. Close the classroom door.

This article was updated: 12/7/2016