VoiceThread - External Tool

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Note: you may be prompted to enter your VCU eID and password.


VoiceThread is a tool that allows multisensory collaboration between faculty and students. Instructors can deliver their content using rich multimedia to enhance the engagement of their students. It allows audio, video, and text comments on uploaded documents, presentations, images, and video. There are no new usernames or passwords to learn, and rosters are synced automatically.

Note: The limitation is 1.5 GB per upload. Users can have multiple uploads of that size in a single VoiceThread but any one file cannot exceed this size. Comments recorded on the slides of a VoiceThread (each audio and video/webcam) comment is limited to 60 minutes in duration and can be used without limitation.

Student Preview mode DOES NOT work with VoiceThread. There is currently no way to view a VoiceThread from a student perspective unless you are a student.

How to Use VoiceThread within a Blackboard Course


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