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Data Access and Reporting

Data Access and Reporting implements and supports business intelligence and decision support technology.

  • Banner Operational Data Store (ODS) provides secured access to Banner data transformed to facilitate reporting.  The ODS has been customized with additional data and transformations to support Census activity. 
  • VCU Reporting Center, developed using SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence which includes the Information Delivery Portal, Web Report Studio, Enterprise Guide, OLAP Server, Microsoft Office Integration and Metadata Management.  
  • Person Database provides a single row perspective of students, employees, affiliates and the VCU Health System.  The Person Database provides data to systems such as Blackboard, Email, Parking, and Telecommunications.   
  • Data Extraction using the ODS to provide data to VCUCard, Recreational Sports, Student Health, STIX, eDirectory, University Libraries, Career Center and T.O.P.E.M.   
  • VCUID Number System provides a unique identifier for students, employees, affiliates and the VCU Health System to reduce the use of Social Security Number.  
  • Banner Eprint provides access to static PDF reports secured by Banner security classes and value-based security. 

revised: 10/03/2016

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