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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I know if the VCU Reporting Center or SAS EG is down?
Notification of SASBI server down time will be sent via the dataaccess-l listserv.  If you have not already done so, subscribe to the Dataaccess-L mailing list.  


How do I access data now that we have moved to Banner?
Answer:  There are several ways available to access and report Banner data.

  • View, print and download data on internet-native Banner (INB) forms
  • Run VCU Reporting Center reports
  • Run Banner-delivered reports
  • Run e~Print reports
  • Join ODS view through SAS Enterprise Guide

I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find a report I need. What should I do?
Answer:  First, make sure that you have looked through all of the reporting resources, especially the reports currently in the VCU Reporting Center.  If you do not find the report you need, contact the data owner in the appropriate functional area for help.  That person should know what different types of reports (e.g., Banner-delivered, VCU Reporting Center,  etc.) are available and should be able to let you know if your report is available.  If your report is unavailable, the data owner can begin the process of creating a new report for you or granting you access to an existing report. A list of the current data owners by general functional area is as follows:

Data Owners 
 Admissions  Lisa Dougherty  
 Human Resources  Cathleen Burke 
 Finance  Patricia Perkins
 Financial Aid  Marc Vernon
 Payroll  Cathleen Burke
 Registration  Bernard Hamm
 Student Accounting  Danielle Mitchell

Someone I work with has access to reports that I do not have.  How do I get access to these reports?
Answer:  The security model in the Banner environment is known as "role and value-based" security.  Your role determines functionality and what data elements you can access.  Your value determines what records you have access to and is typically based on your organizational affiliation.  If your co-worker has a different role than you do, then it is likely that s/he has access to different reports. If you feel that you have a bona fide need for the same reports your co-worker has, contact the appropriate data owner.  It may be that you have not been assigned the proper role or that your role needs to be given access to additional data elements and reports. Please keep in mind, however, that a great deal of thought was put into security roles and role assignments and that your role may be shared with others within the institution, thus the decision to grant you access to a particular report or data element must be weighed against the impact that decision has on others’ access.  

I have reviewed the resources related to the Banner Operational Data Store (ODS), and it does not appear that the data that I need are available, what do I do? 
Answer:  First, you need to ascertain whether the data you need are available in the Banner environment.  If you can enter or see these data in the Banner environment, but cannot find them in the ODS, it may be that no ODS views exist that contain these data.  If this is the case, contact the appropriate data owner to discuss your need, and to see if a report based on Banner production (as opposed to ODS) data may be available.  If this is not the case, the data owner can begin the process of making the data you need available in the ODS. If the data that you need are not found in the Banner environment, it is likely that a business process has changed significantly along with the Banner conversion.  Again, the data owner in question would be the best resource to determine how to meet your information needs in the Banner environment.  

I need to be trained to use the SAS tools (e.g.,  Enterprise Guide), who do I contact?  
Answer:  SAS reporting tool training is being handled through VCU’s Center for Institutional Effectiveness. 

How do I install SAS Enterprise Guide (EG)?
Answer:  Click on this link:  SAS EG Download  and follow download instructions.  For userid and password call 828-7212. 

How do I get another e~print report added to my Banner e~print menu?
Answer:  E~print  access is controlled  by Banner Security classes.  Email

I ran a report from the VCU Reporting Center and received the following error message:   HTTP STATUS 403 Access to the specified resource () has been forbidden, how do I get rid of this error?


  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. From Menu, select Tools/ Internet Options
  3. Under the Browsing History section, select Settings
  4. Under check for newer versions of stored pages,  select "Automatically" and click OK
  5. Try re-running the Banner report

This article was updated: 02/9/2018