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ODS and SAS Servers Patch Schedule

  1. Non-kernel patches to odstest and test SASBI TUESDAY(s). Databases not affected.
  2. Non-kernel patches to odsprod and prod SASBI THURSDAY(s). Databases not affected.
  3. kernel patches to odstest, test SASBI and reboot 2nd WEDNESDAY(s) at 1pm. Databases are not available.
  4. kernel patches to odsprod, prod SASBI and reboot 3rd FRIDAY(s) at 6pm. Databases are not available.

  Note: Non-Kernel patches are weekly and automatically applied.  Kernel patches are monthly. Non-kernel patches are applied to odstest every Tuesday at 6pm, and to odsprod every Thursday at 6pm. No reboot or outage is required for these. Kernel patches are applied to odstest every second Wednesday at 1pm, and to odsprod every third Friday at 6pm. These require reboots.

This article was updated: 02/9/2018